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domingo, mayo 03, 2020

Hello beauties, I hope you're safe and healthy, the past months I was contacted by this new clothes online shop: www.femmeluxefinery.co.uk  to try on some of their clothes, I chose 4 items that are really out of my comfort zone, but I think they looks beautiful on me XD I'm working hard in my body confidence and this type of clothes could help me because I don't have any like these designs, so let's started...

They have international shipping and even returns, also they have always promotions and discount coupons tosave money in your order, the sizes are in UK size so you have to be aware what is moreless your size, I ordered 4 items in M size (8-10) and 3 or them fit me well.
They have a lot of categories as: 
Click to each link to see the full webpage. Now let's started with my package.

My order came in a cute pink plastic bag, with the brand printed on it, this package lasts 1 month and one week to arrived to my home. Each garment came in an individual plastic bag with their label and also a sheet with all information for the return if some in your order doesn't fit you or has a problem with the fabric. The return is free so don't get worry about it.

1st item this beautiful jeans, in the size 8, is a true denim jeans, the quality is excellent and I wish it could fit me better, the fabric is thick but soft is denim with cotton without a doubt, but the jeans doesn't up because my fat legs XD But of the waist has the right size so I have to loose weight on my legs and glutes XD So I will keep it because the fabric is amazing, it will last for years.
This model is out of stock but they have a lot of Jeans (click)

2nd item this organza pink top, the fabric is elastic and soft, but the organza sleeves itchs on my sensible skin, the top fits well on my body and this is perfect for this season and you can combine with anything so I will try to use it for short times to get used my skin to this fabric.
You can find a lot of Pink Tops here.

3rd item this other top, the fabric is like a light sweater, the color is amazing, a brown orange perfect for autumn or winter, I really love it, but for this hot season is extremly hot this top, so I will wait for the cold in my city, the sleeves and chest has a great form and the elastic helps visually to get a tiny waist this type of clothes are my favorites for the extra help.
I like this top for the color and the soft fabric but its thick to protect you from the cold weather at the same time that you're looking fashionable. This top comes in different colors, click here to see all.

And last but not least, this cute crop top sweater, the pattern is modern and aesthetic, the fabric is soft and warm perfect for cold weather and you're looking fashion at the same time. The color likes me a lot, and of course I'll use it on my home when the hot summer ends. 
It's warm but light, you can carry it with any problem I hate heavy sweaters and this is perfect.
This crop jumper has the 50% discount, click here to buy yours.

What was your favorite item?
For me the last crop top sweater, the fabric and the design are unique, as I said all the items I order in size M, all this items are out of stock but you can find a lot more in the webpage, so if you like some of this items go and check it out, you will find something for your taste and new looks.
As you can see all this clothes can be combinated with any jeans or other pants, you will see a lot of combinations and if you get one of these tops you will have a item that works with anything that you already have in your closet. The quality is excellent and the shipping is fast so don't doubt and check it out: www.femmeluxefinery.co.uk 

Thank you so much to Femme luxe to sent me this products to try, I hope you like it and get yours, see you the next time, bye bye 

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