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viernes, febrero 24, 2017

Hola beauties! Espero estén teniendo un agradable día, porfin es viernes y yo me la he pasado en la calle haciendo pendientes XD Anyway, hoy les tengo una entrada rápida platicándoles sobre una tienda donde todo lo que hacen es 100% original por diseñadores muy talentosos, además garantizan al 100% su calidad en cualquier cosa que compren, así que los invito a que conozcan un poco la tienda y vean si algo es de su agrado, este es un post patrocinado de la tienda StyleWe 💓
Hello beauties! I hope you're having a great day, finally it's friday and today I'll show a new store review about a great shop with original designs created by new designers with a excellent quality in their products and clothes, so if you want to know more about StyleWe please keep reading...

StyleWe is an online fashion shopping platform featuring independent fashion designers. We are committed to provideing shoppers with original high quality, and exclusive producs from indpendent designers. In the webpage you can find in the index a the new designers that we are working with this great shop. Now they have a new website JustFashionNow where you can find a new boutique to buy another great products with original designs.  

When you visit the website you can find a lot of clothes for you, and make a special search for your necessity, like color, type, type of cloth, etc. I fall in love with many designs for example in this section: high waist bikini bottom <  
My favorite section this time is bomber jackets, I love this type of jackets here have special design that you will love, for this spring they are a must in your closet like this blue and white stripper off the shoulder top < Also StyleWe have a great blog with interesting article about fashion, special themes and tips for your everyday. Like this post about Alicia Keys no makeup  
So if you want something original and new this shop is perfect for you, you'll love each design and cloth because they are perfect for your style -u- Visit StyleWe and find something for yourself. See you in the next post, bye bye~XOXO

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