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lunes, diciembre 26, 2016

Hola a todos! espero tengan un buen inicio de semana! Ya es la última del año y para no dejar muy abandonado el blog porque esta semana es de limpieza extrema en mi casa XD Les tengo una entrada rápida sobre una nueva colaboración con la tienda: StyleWe, así que espero me apoyen dando clic en los links y viendo las cosas maravillosas que pueden encontrar aqui ❤
Hello there! Today I have for you a new collaboration with StyleWe, it's the last week of the year, so I decided to show you how wonderful things you can find in this store also each of their products are orginal of new designer, it's like a community, if you want to know more about this store, keep reading... 7u7

StyleWe has worldwide shipping with guarantee about the product and the delivery. They manage PayPal payment to make more sure your payment. They have different shipping options according with your needs. They created a new community with costumers and designers, this community can share ideas and have a good communication. So, in this store you can find a lot of new and original products made by new fashion designers with a unique style.
I share with you some of my favorites products that you can find here, remember they have worldwide shipping and it could be free for an specific amount in your order. Each product it's so different to another, if you buy something here, you could be sure it's unique and no body can copy it. Down of the image of each product you can find if it have free shipping or any discount!!
This time they have a new section in your website it's about bikinis and swimwears. The great thing is you can find a lot of sizes and new designs, this is so great for me because I have a weird body and I need special size for me XD You can buy at StyleWe ❤
StyleWe have a lot of things for you, and you can visit them in your social media like 
I hope you like it, you should find a great gift for this season for yourself or for a friend, this shop is a nice idea for an original and unique gift. Thank you so much for your visit, see you the next time, bye bye babies ~ XOXO

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