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lunes, agosto 10, 2020

 Hello everybody, I hope you're safe and healthy in your homes, today I have for you a new post with a store review about a new store that has a lot of products to make your hair look great and also make a change in your hair if you are boring in your house but you don't want to cut your hair or make something bad, so this store has the perfect products for you, if you want to know more please keep reading...

Kriyya is founded on 2004 and now they have 400+ skilled workers, advanced facilities, and also it is praised in the industry on some factors like fair wages, reasonable hours, and environment.

'Buying hair product should leave you happy and good-looking, with money in your pocket. That’s why we changed our way from prodction to D2C brand. Source only the finest materials. And share the true cost of every product we make. Self-own factory makes us have more confidence to show the true cost. We believe you have the right to know what your hair cost to make. Wigs, hair extensions, and hair weaves—we’ve got your hair covered.'

Some of the most interest items that hey have are human hair bob wigs and bob wig with bangs here are some of their most popular models that you can find here. Most of them with a great discount for the total price, so you can try new models for this pandemic situation.

For me, the workst fear with my hair is change it ofr my natural color, I really afraid about new colors or bleached and damage my hair only to see how can I look with a different color on my hair.
This page has a lot of options of wigs with amazing designs natural or fantasy colors, my favorite of them are blonde human hair wigs one of my biggest dreams is have blonde hair, but I don't want to bleach my hair so here you can see some of the amazing options that this shop have, short or long wigs you can choose the best model and shape for you and your style life.

But if you only want a minimal change and not too dramatic, they have 100 human hair wigs this wigs are made with the best quality of material and human hair, they look like your real hair with minimal effort, you can see on the next photo some of the models you can find but believe me, this only a little part of all the models that you can find here with natural hair with different size, color and shape. 
My favorite model are the lace front wigs, they look so natural and you can wear them everyday.

The base of the lace wigs is entirely made of lace, it makes them versatile, a lace wig will also give you complete hair coverage, and you can do different hairstyles that include multiple parting and the option of wearing your wig in a ponytail or bun. For the multiple mini-hair in the front is looks so natural and you can have the versatility in styling options. In this option you can always have neat hair and you'll never have a bad hair. It is extremely easy to maintain and is very important when using this type of wig, it is essential for it to be good and that you would not last long. 

If you want to also still a change but in a natural way that doesn't look so artificial I would recommend Kriyya This site have the best wigs that can satisfy every taste and budget. This type of wigs are definetely more expensive but the natural hair costs a lot for the great experience that you will have using a wig with only natural hair. 

The best of all, is that you will find a wig with a form or buy sets of natural hair, to form the wig perfect for you and your style, or if you want only to use natural hair like extensions so build a great hair in minutes is an option too.
 They primarily look very thick, the hair is really well made and I am sure you will like it. For that silky smooth feeling, nothing beats our stunning range of high quality wigs and wigs for women. Get gorgeous and glam with our affordable wigs for sale. This site lets you easily narrow your search by length, texture and hairstyle. And you can find great deals with discounts and coupons, all in one site, so don't doubt and visit this site. You will fall in love with all the options.Thank you so much for reading, I hope you find something you like, see you the next time, bye bye ~ XOXO

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  1. I love this blog so much! I have been using Wavy Wigs since so long and it is safe to say that I absolutely love using them! Especial Human Hair Wigs as I pretty much love them!

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