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martes, julio 14, 2020

Hello beauties, I hope you're safe and healthy in your homes, today I have for you a new haul from Femmeluxefinery this time I ordered 4 items but one is a two piece sets, because now they have a lot of new sets and designs to enjoy more out time in our homes, so if you want to know more about the clothes that I chose please keep reading...
This package late a little more because of pandemic situation on my country, also I had to paid a custom tax to received the clothes because I didn't notice that the package exceed the 50 dollars, fortunately it was not too high.

The first product that I ordered is this beautiful green dress that caught my attention for the mesh on the top, but unfortunately it doesn't fit me well on the chest but the fabric and form are incredibles.
Here you can find more 'Green dresses' this dress really like me, the mesh is the special touch that make it different and in the website looks amazing on the model. I suggest you to always read carefully the measures of each cloth.

The next is a XL cotton T-shirt also like a casual dress, the softness of the fabric is amazing, this shirt is fresh and big perfect for to be in home as it said. With a pair of jeans or lonely I really like it, you can find more like these in the next link: T shirts

Now they have a lot of new designs for this shirts, all made with cotton with different prints, designs and colors, I will always choose neutral colors that I can combine with many outfits making it fashion or lounge wear to be on my home making home office.

With the same idea I order this shirt on black, both of them are 100% cotton so you don't have to worry for the hot fabric only to be comfy and fresh everywhere, the printed are good in both of the shirts.
This black Honey shirt is in a size M and it fits me better than the white, so I can use it with jeans for a casual day.

The white is more for a comfy look but also like a causal dress, only you need to wear a short or something below because white can always be translucent.

The last item in this order is this set of two pieces that I expected fit me better, it is a type of sweatshirt and jogger, this items are so popular you can find a lot of Loungewear the fabric of this set is only polyester that is hot I think it could be an excellent option on winter with a colder weather, because now in summer is really hot and uncomfortable to wear. The top part doesn't fit well because is small on the down part the leggings are great but doesn't have a great fit with the fabric.

    I would rather prefer this outfit for cold season but only the pants and for the type of fabric I didn't recommend you if you sweat a lot. The next time I will order a extra size to be sure that it fits me better or oversized to be comfy and warm at home.

I really like everything but be sure to select the loungewear according your city weather, my favorite part of this haul are the t-shirts definitely. Also you have to see the Joggers section that this shop has, the shipping are really fast but keep in mind the situation of the postal services on this pandemic situation.
Please keep safe and see you the next time, please let me know your favorite cloth of this haul.
Also don't forget to visit the shop to find more incredible clothes with amazing designs and different types of styles for anybody, my prefered section are the shirts and dresses but they also have accessories, shoes and even an outlet section where you can find amazing deals, remember they have international shipping to everywhere.
I hope you like this shop and visit it, see you the next time, bye bye.

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  1. Hola! conozco la web y tengo varias cosas, lo que mas me gusta son las camisetas, de muy buena calidad. Besos

  2. Justo me acaba de llegar un paquete de ahí y la ropa es bastante linda, te quedó super bien todo!


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