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martes, mayo 15, 2018

Hello babes, I hope you're having a great day, today I have for you a new post about women's health in the pregnancy, also I will show you a lot of good articles that you can find in the website Checkpregnancy.com << The mission of this website is to provide the most trustworthy information, practical tips and interesting stories for you, your babye as well as your family, here you can find a lot of information for any stage of your pregnancy or your family in general I will share to you some tips that I found in this amazing web, so let's started...

As a women I really worried all about pregnancy, I don't know what can works for me or can do not, also Internet has a lot of fake information that only scares me with weird facts or tips, for that reason I'm really impressed with this website because they are always looking for new and truly information based on cientific investigations and not only in what 'they think' about a topic.
For example some of the articles that you can find here are all about 'how to get pregnant', 'what can you do in your pregnancy', 'how take care of your baby', etc.
Checkpregnancy is worried about all phases not only focused on the baby or the women, even they have articles for all family, also they have a lot of information about food and nutrition during this important phase, during pregnancy according to this website here is the list of 10 important food you should eat:
-Vegetables: Like spinach, broccoli, celery, green onions, pepper, etc.
- Fruits: Avocado, blueberries, bananas, kiwi, carrots, etc.
- Dry fruits and nuts.
- Meat: Beef, Liver
- Eggs
- Milk and Dairy products
If you want to know more about these amazing article you can visit it here <<
Another great information that you will find here is all about the ultrasounds, not only the first or last, here is a really complete article about ' ultrasound at 7 week ' here they answer some of the most  popular questions that all have about ultrasound and what to expect of them, what it is, how it works, benefits, etc.  Another great thing is they have special articles about exercises for a pregnant women, because be healthy and in a good shape is always important for the baby and you.
So don't doubt to visit this website, youo will spend a lot of hours reading diffferent articles that have a truly information, Im so happy to found this website, now I have a better idea how I can do when I take the choice to be pregnant. I hope you like it too, let me know in the comments your favorite article of this site, see you the next time, bye bye ~ 

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